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At Agents Bank, we explore the benefits and disadvantages of dealing with online banking and normal banking institutions in Canada  from first hand experiences and trusted information sources.

What does Agents Bank offer you?

  • Identify best bank accounts to fit your banking needs;
      • compare bank charges vs services you actually need.
      • Find the best Canadian credit cards available in the market; that actually serve your requirements.
      • Look and identify hidden charges; Canadian banks make associated with running just your daily chequing or saving account.
  • US and Canadian Dollars Accounts? Which is right for you?
      • The benefits of having a US dollar chequing account in Canada.
      • When to exchange your US dollars to Canadian dollars, and what to expect.
  • How to best manage your Canadian financial services needs?
      • Know the how to apply for Canadian financial services.
      • Banks have financial products; and they think serve the needs of the majority of people, do you fit?
      • How to negotiate a financial services package that's tailored to your financial services requirements? 
      • Why Review your banking and financial services periodically and look at other banking deals that might best serve your financial services needs?

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